Downlaod Vs CD


Like other people on this forum, I have to say I LOVE this game, and I want to recommend it to teachers I know who work in secondary schools in Dublin, Ireland. When I bought the game, I ticked the box to get a CD copy as well as the download. Download works fine. When I used the CD to put the game on another deskstop, it asked for validation, as per expected. But looking back on the email I received for validation for the download, and entered that one, it turned out to be invalid. Have I missed a scrip of paper containing the validation code for the CD version. If so, can I get another one?

Thanks in anticipation

It is 100% the same code, no question there. It could be something about the internet connection (proxies can cause problems) that is screwing up the CD installation. You can use the same code for both those copies, that’s for sure.
If you look at the files the game creates in it’s ‘debugdata’ directory it might say why it can’t validate. In any case, email me at cliff At blah blah if you need help.