Downloaded Demo & regreting not reading everything...

I downloaded the DEMO yesterday and I did not read the green not that appears ONCE… In specific I didn’t read the one where it tells me HOW to practice.

I tried using the keyboard, and the mouse pointing to where the notes where but I couldn’t see anything and I can not get out of rehearsing either. WHAT DO I DO??? I liked Kudos and Im a musician, so I’ll probably like this one if I get help.


If you miss a hint you can still read it in the hints.csv file in the \data\simulation folder. The practice part says:

When you choose to practice, everyone in the band will practice separately and become better musicians. To improve as a musician, you need to play back the melody that you hear using the number keys, although you can play them back in your own time. As your musicians get better and better, their rate of progress will slow down, and they may need better instruments to get the best out of practice.