Downloaded dlc's will not install on a Mac

I download all four dlc’s for Democracy 3. The only dlc to install was Electioneering showing as an app icon. The others as a dmg. With all of the other three, the installer crashes after selecting continue. Original D3 was purchased quite a while ago and is not a Steam version. I do not remember if my D3 is from the App Store or from Positech Games. Thank You…Guy

Well after a lot of tinkering, I was able to have these dlc’s show up within the game under the mods header. I opened “Terminal” app. Then opened the, “Show Contents” selection of the dlc dmg installer icon, opened the Contents, Mac OS folders, and lastly opened the terminal icon, “fltk”. With the original D3 app in the Applications folder, the installation appears to be successful. Hope this helps others…

I had the same issue, but I noticed when I went into the game and look in “Mods,” they were installed.