Downloaded Mods do not work

The only mods that work for me are those I download directly from the game.

Those mods taken from here on the forum have not worked, I have repeatedly tried to download different mods; The latest one- decline of democracy did not work either. They appear on the list but have no effect.

At first I was just putting these mods in the mod folder then when I realized that was a quite silly idea I put the folders in the “data” section but left the notepad there.

The mods directly taken from the game’s “mods” menu were in the “data” folder those work.

But even when I put the data of the downloaded forum mods in the data folder they still have no effect on the game whether enabled or not.

What do I need to do?

Each mod contains a mod description file.

While the mod folder should go in the Democracy 3 folder, the mod description file should go in the Democracy 3\data\mods folders.

I did this,

The Democracy in Decline is still not working properly,

I made sure the names of the mod folder in the Democracy 3 file and the notepad file were the same when that did not help I changed the name of the “path” from “The Democracy in Decline Mod” to “Democracy In Decline”

Still no improvement,

Actually I didn’t change all of the paths before,

Having fixed that most of the mods are actually working now.

Yeah, it seemed like a localized occurrence. For country mods, the country name folder (e.g. The Netherlands) should be in the game’s main folder, while the “data” folder should be pasted directly where the default “data” folder is. Mods may ask for files here to be replaced, and you should always click “Yes” (after, of course, backing up your files). If that causes conflict between different mods and alter this folder, you should try and install them in separate folders, compare the differences and fuse them manually. It may seem difficult but the creators of the game actually made it surprisingly easy to mess with the files, which is awesome.

That sounds about right, specifically where I had to choose between two sex education policies