Downloading the game in zip file

Is it possible to download the game as a zip file instead of an installer?

I’m afraid not, is there a reason not to grab it as an installer?

Hi Cliff,

without an installer you could play it everywhere even if you don’t have the permission to install software, e.g. on a pc in a company …
That could be the reason why so many people play webbased games at their breaks ;o)

Kind regards

I think the problem with unzipping a zip file to whatever location you like and running the game from there instead of running an actual installer to install the game properly would be the DIrectX end-user runtime updates and some other redistributables that are required for most of nowadays games to work.

With unzipping the game and running it from that folder those runtime updates wouldn’t get installed and the game might not even be able to start up without them… except if the game executable checks every time if the required runtime updates are already installed during each startup and if not then install the necessary packages from the folder it is located in… which then requires permission to install software… again… defeating the purpose.

So I’d say it is not worth the hassle and would probably only lead to more complaints why the game doesn’t even start for some reason or other complications I didn’t think of.

That said I think OP actually meant just downloading the game installer as a zip file… so within the zip file would still be the regular Installer executable.