Downward spiral of Motivation

Over sevral games, it seems that no matter what i do, or how successful the band is, everybody becomes impossible to motivate and eventually quits, often within 2 years. I’ve even turned Cynicism to zero in the config, and still can’t keep a band together 5 years. Any help?

make sure not to pick band members that existing band members do not like. they will mention it at the auditions. Also, try not to reward one band member with equipment more than the others. band members get jealous. Also some of hem are harder to please than others, based on their personalities and egos. Be careful who you pick.

Wow, straight from the developer in half an hour! that’s what I call support! Thanks a lot cliffski. Now, I understand if you don’t want to “give away the game” but has anyone found particular combos of personality that make good relationships? I’ve also noticed chemistry never, ever goes above halfway. Is that normal? thnx for any help.


The chemistry is a lot less obvious than you’d think. I picked a guy who had “Peacemaker” listed as one of his qualities, and he was the one who fought with all the others! Go figure.