Dreadnought Only Modules

Hi, I’m new to playing with the files on this game and recently downloaded classic dreadnoughts(thank you). Using that mod made me wonder, “why not just make dreadnought specific modules instead of making them just super cruisers” so I attempted to do so. What i did was change the size of a module from “Cruiser” to “Dreadnought” and likewise I did the same thign on the Dreadnought Hull. Once I made this change however the game crashes upon trying to select a different hull type in the ship editor. Is what i’m trying to accomplish possible or is there something i’m missing?

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At this point in time, we are restricted to 3 sizes of modules ( Fighter / Frigate / Cruiser) . These 3 sizes have been hard wired into the game and we modders can not introduce any new ones. (AFAIK it is mainly due to the fact that the size is also used in other aspects such as targeting and gameplay, therefore introduction of a new size would cause shear chaos)

So in order to make a “Dreadnought only” module, you will have to get creative with the requirements of the weapon.

Bummer, oh well thank you for the quick answer though.

Here’s an idea:

Make modules that use up a crapton of power, but add a power output boost of like 1000%, then add a module that produces 500 power, while also consuming 500 power. the power output boost will increase the produced power to 5500, so you have 5000 available power.

The problem with that: when the ship is destroyed it will make a REALLY big shockwave. I’ve had PI Leviathans demolish entire squads (of dreadnoughts too, I believe) with the shockwave, and I’m certain. It was less than your number. A more effective method us cost.one popular method involves a super high price and major negative cost multiplier… You could make a completely desperate set of modules by setting the variable numbers to 100x normal and make everything -.99

When a big ship explodes, that’s kind of expected xD

Yes, but several thousand power units makes way too big of an explosion. Just above every ship not designed to counter would get demolished in one detonation. (Allies included.)

Just to clarify, the power produced increases the damage of the shockwave; the size of the shockwave is determined by the hull size (shockwave radius = hull length).

That said, the power method is actually a good way of limiting modules if applied in moderation. A huge power cost is OK if the ship is small; if the ship is huge (like a dreadnought ought), you really don’t want it to have several thousand power produced.

In short: Big shockwave + normal damage = OK. Small shockwave + massive damage = OK (and sometimes tactically interesting). Big shockwave + massive damage = TPK on both sides (fun to watch, but not exactly productive).

I actually made a PI leviathan outfitted with almost all antimatter devices (produce 10k power) and enough engines to move at 2.5 speed as a kamakazi ship. Run it into the middle of any fleet = instant death

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Gotta try that!

EDIT: 15 mins later… oh god, you have created the biggest torpedo of the whole GSB universe… you monster! lol

The question is, do i have to look for a way to avoid to let to PI leviathans become giant missiles? xD

If you find a way, I take it! I got the same problem with the Xedilco Leviathan XD

Speaking as a fellow modder, no. Just because your mod CAN produce a nasty trick like that, doesn’t mean you HAVE to fix it. I try to avoid making such things easy, but since I can go into the vanilla game, take a Tarantula fighter, stick a rocket on the front, an engine 2 on the back, and have a rocket fighter with 4.04 speed, I don’t worry myself about avoiding ALL the nasty combos.

If people want to routinely make the Praetorian EX-Leviathan Master Torpedo ™, let 'em. Most players will tire of it quickly enough. Besides, a giant ship that’s basically packed with TNT is plenty gratuitous. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you are completely right, thanks sir!
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Make a module and have it have an outrageous cost value into it, then do a negative cost value on the hull for the ship. I used to use the outrageous power need but got sick and tired of the huge boom when ship goes up and taking my entire fleet with it. So I started using a negative value with my dreadnoughts and it worked out better. I have also found out that a negative cost bonus value works better than a hull negative value less chance of having a ships that is like 1k instead of 10k or more.

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Oh, now I know what to call the darn thing!

When determining balance…I would say it LARGELY depends upon the individual ship.

For instance: With my Resolute I went the high power generation rate with generators that put out like 500 power on a hull that has a 24% power boost…BUT at 280 meters that’s only slightly larger than the biggest vanilla ships…even my Starburst Carrier is only like 340 meters.

Common sense dictates that bigger hull + fewer weapons = higher hull bonus…the more weapons you put in, the less hull bonus you have (this is why my Resolute hull has a -36% integrity boost). Therefore the size and total module slots can help give a ballpark figure on the hull bonus.

Concerning dreadnought only modules…if you’re biggest concern is power generation/consumption…the biggest things you can do to justify increased specs without increasing power is to raise the crew and weight requirements. These make the most sense since big ships have big guns that are heavy and need a lot of bodies to operate them.