Hi guys.

Since the size problem is over i decide to create some new bigger ships.
I think Dreadnoughts are one the the missing shipclass.
At this time i have a federation dreadnought and a tribe dreadnought.

If you like them i can upload the dds- and textfiles.

more ships to play with are always welcome :slight_smile:

that Tribe dreadnought looks pretty nice! yeah it would be fun to have a couple extra-large sprites (that aren’t Star Destroyers).

Wow, I commend you, great work. Let’s see them posted please!!!

As the original post in this thread was made by a player who’s “most recent” visit to the forums was made before the first reply in this thread - 2.5 months ago - it’s very unlikely we’ll be seeing him again. Heck, he never posted more than that single time on any of the forums. No loss to us, though; other solutions for dreadnoughts are presently in progress…