Driving as a weekly evening class

A simple mod that adds learning how to drive as a weekly evening class. It costs $25 like the normal class, and is on friday evenings.

Make sure you’ve got the latest version of Kudos, or custom classes won’t be supported in the mod folder!

Download the file here: members.chello.nl/b.kroonspecker … riving.zip and extract into your \Documents\My Games\Kudos 2\mods\classes folder

This will not affect the driving solo activity in any way, you will have both available. Both should have the same effects.

It looks very useful!
This may sound like a stupid question, but do you actually need a car to do it?

Nope, it works just like the evening solo activity I copied it from: you just need to pay $25 each friday, no car needed.

Assume it’s a driving class where the instructor picks you up every friday night. It will take a long time – you only earn about 4% per night. So you need at least 25 classes to pass – which is quite realistic in my experience.

Learning how to drive in the game is quite useless, as the only jobs required to drive are delivery and taxi, and both pay next to nothing.

Maybe it should be required to take driving lessons if you want to drive your car/motorbike to work?

Updated to support the mod folder instead.

At Jordi’s request (although a little later than expected due to server problems) I’ve uploaded the latest version of his mod to my mod page.
You can now download the mod from apokstudios.net/kudos_2_mods