Driving went away?!?

Three problems that have me stumped.

  • Driving skill won’t show up
  • Can’t install the first patch so obviously, I can’t install the other 2 (3?)
  • Game has been going along fine. I left for a bit and when I went back I get this error message:
    “Could not find job:…\src\SIM.JobBase.cpp.527” or summat like that.

Any ideas about what’s going on? Thank-Q…

Edit: Tried another character and this time, it said that I had unlocked driving but it never showed up as an option. :frowning: Still at a loss as to why.

As for the patches, you will have to check what version you have installed in the main menu. If you have 1.03, start patching with 1.04 etc…

Driving (and some other activities) have to be unlocked first by playing, so it’s normal that it can take a while to show up.