DRM-Free Digital Downloads?

Lately, I have become enamoured with legal, DRM-free digital download content providers such as gog.com (for games) and filmbaby.com (for indie movies). There are many similar sites, but they come burdened with DRM, which I am not interested in supporting or being bogged down by. Given the slashdot community’s general dislike for DRM, and hopefully support for indie developers of content, I am hoping you folks can suggest other such sites. So - care to share any favourites?

Positech games, for starters…

Yes, I thought that goes with saying. :slight_smile:

Positech is incredibly rare - great games, great prices and no DRM.

I’m amazed to see DRM on indie titles that are, I’m told, available via pirate sites. Torchlight, for example, which I purchased, has 10 activations … except for the pirates. The forums are full of people asking for activation-free Torchlight, but discussing options like buying a legit copy and then pirating a buggy one to play. Dumb.

I too, since about a year ago, stopped buying any game with DRM attached to it. I have looked hard for publishers that make DRM Free games.
I made a DRM Free Gaming thread over at GOG but even so, some of these seem a little suspect, so check them out for yourself. Of course Positech is in the DRM Free list! :slight_smile:

There is a website dedicated to drm-free gaming. I know they mention me, but I can’t recall the URL of the top of my head.