Drop Shields

I’d like a command that tells my gunners to shoot only shielded ships. If no ships in range have shields, targeting will resume as normal.

This is no way will affect piloting.

A ship with the “Drop Shields” command will target only ships with shields, and as soon as shields drop, will switch to another target that has shields. As soon as all ships within range have no shields, ship will target as normal.

I personally like the idea, but it would take a lot of time to design an order like that.

I personally reckon it would be epic, especially alongside a destroy armor order?

go drop shields!

This command will pretty much kill the armor tank, unless the whole fleet doesn’t use any shield. Tribe will probably be the primary beneficiary of this since they don’t rely on armor tanks to win.

+1 as i dont use armor tanks anyways

love it…
i was just wondering how the hell should i make my fleet (playing as Tauri in campaign,for now anyway) make strip the enemy shields and use the low shield penetration railguns to shred the targets after that… so i end up losing a battle every now and then because of illogical targetting

A big problem is if I dump just 1 dummy ship in the far back with shield, and the rest uses armor. It kinna makes decoy with alliance too easy.

well,thats what you get…
theres always many variables to consider, but this should only affect shield droppers… and tbh i never had much trouble dealing with armor tankers,i always carry a couple of high penetration weapons on my ships for either case… and once armor integrity fails those ships die pretty damn fast

Adding this tag also defeats the purpose of shield resistance since the right gun will always target the right targets. Shield will then be no better than HP.

With both shield resistance and armor tank killed with 1 command, might as well just stick to Tribe for free HP.

If “Vulture” meant that my ships would target enemy ships preferential based on whether their weapons would penetrate the outer defenses, that would pretty much wreck the whole point of having tanks. Which isn’t horrible either.

hmm, nvr thought of that… good point


That wouldn’t work. As I said it does not affect pilot orders only ships in range of the gunner. They will not navigate to shielded ships - only shoot them.

cant we have an order like the opposite of vulture and attack the better armoured ships?