Drugs, Cannabis, and Taxes

Why is it there is no tax options on cannabis? You can legalize cannabis in the game, but there are NO tax options for it. I currently have cannabis legalized, but I can’t seem to find an option where I can tax it. I see a tobacco tax, and an alcohol tax, but no cannabis tax? I mean, unless the legalization of the cannabis were merely a decriminalization and not an actual legalization, I can’t see why the government of any country wouldn’t attempt to tax it. Did I miss an option or something?

I also know its possible to mod the game to add your own stuff, but I am very very illiterate at this coding stuff and I fear if I tried to edit the game on my own, I’d end up messing it up.

I also think that in future patches or versions of Democracy 2, cannabis should be a separate policy from other drugs. One policy to ban, decriminalize, or legalize cannabis, and one policy to tax it if you so choose.

If anyone can reply to this to tell me if I merely missed an option or if its an option that gets unlocked later or something?