Duel Up

Ramcat’s DuelDown challenges are an awesome idea, and a nice concurrent tournament to SAC. They really encourage a competitive mindset, and I can’t wait to get in on in these once I clear my system of a few half-created mods-in-progress.

But eventually it comes down to one ship vs one ship. And it’s one ship designed for the sole purpose of taking on one single enemy ship. And then the tournament is over. A very tense and competitive end, I’m sure, but somewhat less gratuitous and climactic from the perspective of the spectators. How’s the Federation supposed to sell tickets to this thing?

Introducing the DuelUp event! It can be used on its own, or as a sequel to a competitive DuelDown tournament.

You start with one ship vs one ship. If you lose, you must add one pilot to your fleet and retaliate. Space Battles get more and more gratuitous as the event goes on. And then the grand finale, when mighty space armadas collide!

And remember, 10% of all ticket proceeds go to funding your local Rebellion chapterhouse. So give generously.

Hmm I thought you had to challenge with at least one less pilot so the first person to get down to one pilot would win by default. So that one ship would have to be able to at least take on 2 ships.