Duplicate Challenges

I’m noticing a lot of duplicates cropping up in the challenge list. Maybe some players are having trouble getting to grips with the posting system, which is fair enough, but it would be cool if admirals with three versions of the same challenge up could delete a couple of them.

You know, I noticed that happened to me too, but I cleaned it up.

Or we could ask cliffski to devote countless hours and tears to develop a method of auto detecting and deleting duplicate challenges.

And while I’m wishing, eliminate the prefilled taunt. Force people to actually name their challenges.

I will admit to not having actually attempted any challenges, largely because it seems every time I refresh the list there are clumps of twelve or fifteen challenges, all from the same poster, all with the same name (whatever the default “taunt” title is). And I simply don’t want to mess around with trying to filter that sort of thing. From what’s presented, I can’t even be 100% sure they are duplicate challenges without downloading and taking a look. It tends to sap my motivation.

I’m OK with there being a default naming method, but what would make the most sense is some basic info about the challenge itself: maybe map (or map size), budget constraints, and enemy race? That way folk could name their challenges if so desired, but at least you would have some idea of what’s there.

I kept meaning to have a randomly generated taunt, but I never got the time to put that in (yet). I should try and get that done. It takes so long to do everything :frowning:

Instead of a random taunt, maybe go with the scenario information; points, pilots, map size.

edit: How about a blank challenge taunt, with 2 checkboxes. 1 checkbox to insert a random taunt, and another checkbox to insert the points/pilots/mapsize information. The player could type in any additional information, as they do now.

There are so many duplicate challenges are there in the world.I saw a legitimate challenge,which involves a duplicate ballot. A duplicate ballot is one where a person had a ballot mailed to them to fill out, and when it is returned a duplicate of it is filled out on the real ballot that can be read by the machine.

Points/Pilots/Mapsize info on the challenge screen would be very useful. Great idea.

When I see ten challenges in a row by the same player all using the same generic taunt, I skip them too. A description/setup or even just the budget amount helps people decide to try it.

I would not like a random taunt, as it makes it harder to recognize those that didn’t fill one in, and are probably rubbish.