Duplicating ships in deployment

Would be helpfull if there some kind of way to duplicate already deployed ships, to speed up to the deployment process. On my third ai battle and find putting out several frigates very tedious (hope I didn’t miss it anywhere if it’s possible already).
For example by shift/ctrl draging ships that you have selected.

Or maybe by dropping out having to drag the ships from the design tab, and rather just click them out on the deployment tab after selecting wanted design.

And when i rectangle selecting ships I can only choose ships by dragging from left to right and not by dragging from right to left.

There are a number of changes I’d suggest to deployment, one is related to yours in that I’d like to see the ability to save ‘formations’ of commonly used groups of ships. The other thing that would save me a lot of time is having the option to expand ship names besides the icon on the ship selection bar. When you have lots of variations of the same hull it can be time consuming to hover over each one to find the one you want.

As far as I know it’s not in game, but there is this thread: