Early Bug Reports


  1. The game occasionally starts minimizing while playing - not sure if it’s clashing with open website such as GMail in Chrome behind it, but seems to happen after clicks. Sorry I can’t reproduce more.

  2. I stop going to work - usually a week (or after the weekend) once I get or apply for a new job. May also happen simply after opening the career tree.

I’ve also experience number 2. I think it may well be related to the career tree, but I’m not certain. I’ve not managed to find the exact cause of it, but it certainly happens reasonably regularly for me. The work around is quitting the game and reloading the save, which seems to fix it.

Re: 1) Are you playing fullscreen, or windowed? Also, do you have one, or multiple monitors?

  1. Ahh, the pesky skipping-work bug, which I see Xietanu is also encountering. So sorry about that! It was a known bug which we thought was fixed, but apparently not! Thanks for letting us know.

It might be helpful if you could post your output_log.txt file for me, please? You’ll find it either in

...Program Files\Redshirt\Data\


C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Redshirt\Data\RedshirtData


I found this directory: CODE: SELECT ALL
C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Redshirt\Data\RedshirtData

But no output_log.txt file.

Is there a setting I need to generate that for you?

gchase1999, I found it in the folder above that one (i.e. C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Redshirt\Data)

However, I can’t paste the contents because it’s several times too long to fit in a post. Would it be more convenient to e-mail a copy of it to a particular address?

Also, playing again today, I noticed a couple of things with replacing aspirations:

  1. replacing aspirations says it costs x creds, where x gets bigger each time, but clicking on the replace button doesn’t actually seem to change the number of creds I have. As such, it seems to always be free?
  2. I’m not sure this is a ‘bug’ as such, but it struck me as odd. You can get an aspiration for getting or mastering a job that’s significantly beneath your current one, requiring you to take a large demotion to fulfill it, which doesn’t seem that aspirational. While commander’s assistant, I was still getting aspirations to gain or master rank 2 jobs.

Yes, I found this a bit silly as well. It seems that the aspirations are basically random, which makes sense for some things–who your character becomes infatuated with being random is probably realistic–but not for the job aspirations. It would make much more sense to me if the job aspirations came in three forms: aspiring to master your current job, aspiring to a job of the next rank, or aspiring to master a job of the same rank (so, a lateral move) but which fits your character’s interests more than your current one. So if your character’s a Hazardous Alien Waste Management Inspector, but has high interest in fitness, quiet time, or creativity, they’re more likely to see a lateral move to Hull Repainting Technician desirable.

This would require thinking about every job and figuring out what interests match it, though, which could take some time. But at the very least, your character should never aspire to be demoted and master a demeaning, dangerous job from earlier in the job tree. It completely subverts the main (mechanical) point of the game, which is to climb the career ladder.

First a Bug:
When i cancel a asperation i get the asperation:
“accept astra as a friend” You know, the one you get right at the beginning. Needless to say i can’t fulfill it, because she allready is my friend at that moment.

Second some feedback:
About Asperations. What are they for? Do they give bonuses? Or are they just there for guidelines? If they give bonuses, i have to say that i don’t really like the system. In a game like this i want to pick my own goals and the way towards those goals. I don’t want to have the game telling me what i have to do next. Expecially if it’s stuff like “Get a relationship with x” even when i am already in a relationship. Or get a job that is beneath the one i already have, but that one has already been mentioned. It just seems a bit arbitrary at the moment and i don’t see what it’s supposed to add to the game.