Early game research strategy (Too easy? Balancing needed? Realistic strategy?)

Hey all, I just bought the game today and I haven’t been able to put it down!

I have found a strategy that is not necessarily game breaking, but it does make things a lot easier in the start.

Basically, at the start of the game, instead of building a production line, I simply built 8 research facilities. I researched every one of the production specializations and built them as they were unlocked. By the time I had all of the specializations researched and a mostly efficient line built, I had less than 1M left, but the cars were flying out of the line, and within a very short time I was back in the millions. (I was playing on the mega factory map with the 3000K start money)

Now I feel this may be a little unfair, because there is almost no penalty to only having the research labs and no actual production, which allowed for an incredibly easy start. All of my other lines where I built a basic line first and tried to upgrade ended up in failure.

Part of me wants to say this is cheat-y since it was so easy, but it’s also not entirely unrealistic. Almost everything produced is researched and developed before a mass production line is ever built.

What are your thoughts? Is this too easy of a strategy? or can this be seen as planning ahead and doing R&D before actual production?


I never tried it this way but you’re right: with enough budget at game start this could be possible.
But at all I’m not sure if it would be better if progress in research would be related to production activities.
Atm I think it would be very hard at some situations to achive all research projects. E.g. if you have to use of the ‘Fit Valves’ slot enough times before you can complete the research on the ‘Valves Manufacture’.

But when thinking about this gets more and more charming to me. But more in a way as a higher difficulty level …

Kind regards