Earning summary?

I just wondered whether it would be useful to show how much the PC is making every turn when you mouse-over the Creds in the bottom right corner. That way you’d be able to figure how long it would take to earn enough for that Centaurian Lager Home Brewing Kit you’ve set your heart on.

Hi there – sorry for being slow in replying to this, but this should indeed already have been there, from several versions ago? Are you not seeing text saying “You currently have X KarmaCreds. You are earning Y KarmaCreds per job shift.”? What do you see if/when you mouseover the KarmaCreds display?

It’s working now, Mitu–thanks for the reply. For some reason, in the last release, I wasn’t getting anything when I moused over KarmaCreds.

Glad it’s working now! :slight_smile: