Easy Mode for learning

I realise the major point of the game is to manage money and create a profitable business but…

…I’m playing this for fun, I do all of the boring stuff at work and I just want to create an efficient factory and see what all of the research branches do.

Nearly all sim games I’ve played have either a sandbox feature or a level/game that has no money involved and another mechanic to dictate completion. For production line this could be x number of cars completed in x time or achieve a takt time of x in x time.

I would end up playing level after level of this to achieve an efficient factory, I can’t tell you how many levels/hours of Factorio I have played just to try new layouts or processes.

you could go to map editor, make a new map and change the starting capital to 99 million or something and you can build whatever and however you like :slight_smile:

OK, I feel stupid. Hadn’t even noticed the edit button.

Much better now that I can explore the whole research tree and play around with all the possible configurations of car/tech.