Ecm to good?

Have ECM launchers on both my fed Rabbit and Eagle cruisers. Whenever I pair them up against missle throwing races, never seem to ever get a missle hit in. Lots of zig-zaggie missles, but none ever seem to burn through the ECM to strike home, ever. Might need a look into.

Is this against challenges or just the stock missions? A lot of things that seem too good to be true against the stock missions end up being worthless (or nearly so) against devious fellow-player built challenges.

ECM beam has been tweaked a bit for the next patch. As I recall, it has considerable power requirements, which isn’t to be sniffed at. ECM can be overloaded by vast amounts of decoy missiles, and of course the ECM shock can take it out long enough to get your missiles though.

Stock only.

One question on ecm. Does it work for the ship that fires it only, Or once a missle is hit does it lose all chace to re-aquired any target?

until patch 1.17, ECM point defence is useless against missile spam.

The whole guidance system gets fused. The nano-circuitary of its guidance flux manifolds get ionized by the force of the ECMs energy pulse wave.

strangely appropriate…: … r-trek.php

“And that’s why God made glowing laser beams, one-strong-in-the-Force and Trek and Wook-ieessss…”

Go I like my ecm zappiness. Noticed if your line has an ecm on each ship and the ships with co-op mode they will zap all missle comers even when the ecm shock has got one ship.