Economy revamp

Suggestions to change the policies related to different economic sectors. I think it would be nice to have different sectors: RGO, Energy, agriculture, hi-tech, etc and for each of them:

  1. you can ‘‘do nothing’’ about them, regulate them to have these sector controlled by: small businesses, big corporation, union cooperative or the state (each with different impact on the economy, unemployment, pollution, etc) You can have the choice to subsidise a sector or tax it (if it’s not controlled by the state).

  2. Put tarif on a sector that would affect trade and foreign relation but would be positive for the productivity of this particular sector.

  3. Build infrastructure (or megaproject) that have positive effect on the productivity of a sector but have upkeep cost and a value, and you can choose to privatise the infrastructure (cancel the policy) it reduce the national debt of a certain amount of cash and you could sell it to a foreign power (so it would boost foreign relation but displease patriot and reduce national debt).