"Edit Layout" Help Please

I am attempting to edit a layout but am having difficulty in getting my new layout to save a value for “Zone Rent” after I have created a new zone, it will only revert to $0.00 every time? Even if I alter the rate on a existing zone and then save it just goes back to the original rate again. I would also like to know what the number of zone walls means as I cannot see what difference there is between 1, 2 or 3 walls when I look at a ready made layout. Thanks a lot for any help or advice.


Same problem for me.

I haven’t tried any values for the zone walls.

However, if you have trouble with rent, you can manually modify it by opening the custom scenario file and finding the region in question (search for the name), then changing the value for rent. It’s a text file, it can be opened with Notepad. Should be stored under Documents > My Games > Production Line or similar.