I was reading the old forums and saw there was an editor, but the e-mail to get it is dead. So I am wondering if anybody still has it and could hook me up.

Well I still have the latest version he gave me. I’ll e-mail the address I have (somewhere) and get back to you.

  • Mike

Wait, wait–an editor that works with the current version! I want one!!

What e-mail address were your trying? tech-forest.com

P.S. I know the site looks crappy… it is far from finished. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I ask a question about the editor? My understanding from reading the “readme” file is that you cannot create “new” scenarios. What I mean by that is that, in order to run a scenario, you have to delete an old one (or move it to a backup folder or something–somehow get it out of play). If you do not somehow delete an old scenario, the newly created scenario will not display.

Is this correct?

Sort of… it’s always good to copy the scenario files (for backup purposes) to another folder. You do not have to delete them. You can create new scenarios, just be sure to use a different Scenario ID in the Map Data tab. If you have 2 of the same maps with the same ID, only one will show up.
I’ve played all the scenario which come with the game, deleted them and created new ones.

In short:
Yes, you can create NEW scenarios.
No, you do not have to delete the old ones.

Hope this answers your question.

I just installed the .net stuff to get the editor running. it runs, but complains with an error when it tries to draw the map. I just get red crosses for the bitmaps. Any ideas?

I really must do a sequel…

What is the error you are getting?

conversion from string “” to type integer is not valid.
I opened an existing map, and then clicked on ‘map’ and got ‘parameter is not valid’

Perhaps you did not set the ST directory in the config file?

  • Mike

yes Im sure I did, i even tried putting the editor in there. is it asking for the ST root directory or the bitmaps directory?

Should be the root directory, like

  • Mike

Sorry I havn’t been around much to check on any messages… sorta got stuck working on a Battlefield 2 Map/Clan website… anyways, I see only Cliffski had an issue… (which I’m going to look into this weekend).

I am concidering releasing the source code to the editor so anyone can download it and do what they want with it. All I ask is that you kindly include my name somewhere that I started the project. It is written with Visual Basic 2005. The “Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition” can be downloaded free from Microsoft. (I know, Free and Microsoft in the same sentence does not sound right but it is true!) I have downloaded and tested the source code on the express edition and it works.

If anyone is specifically interested, e-mail me and I’ll send you the files.

I would like to get the source code, but you didn’t post an e-mail addy… Unless it is the one you said you were gonna change…

you can click the email button, presuming thats the right one

Why cant you edit people or objects?

Because it is primarily a map editor. To edit the rest you’ll have to open their files with Notepad.