effects of new policies ? hard to know

i would like a suggestion :

i find no way to know what are the exact effects of a new policy before…implementing it.
it is a regret because once implemented, the policy costs money, politic points…and you can not easily cancel it ?

another regret, linked to the first one :
i find it hard to see all policies of a sector (transports, tax…), i mean that on the main screen, we can only see the implemented ones. why not also show the not implemented ones with icons (grey ? ) ? and we could click on these icons to see the effects of the non active policies.
This would allow to see at a glance which policy is already done and which is not.

Arguably in real life a Government does not know what the actual effect of a policy is before it is implemented, although I agree that in the game this is inconsistent with changing/cancelling a policy, and of course in the game over time you will get to know what the effect of a policy is, as it is the same each time you implement in, unlike in real life.