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now that I found someone I know to balance test, It occurred to me that the idea of my SGB mod was to make the battles even more gratuitous. thus, having given much thought, I know what to do. Ladies, Gentlemen, entities, I am putting forth my plan:
More ships for every race.
Racial quirks, such as extremely cheap fighters for the Alliance, or the missile-happy Federation.
more guns.
more slots.
more turrets.
shrinking all the ships by, say, 50%
less expensive ships (More ships means more epic battles!)

Alrighty,let’s get down to business…
[size=100]First: these are ships which fit the theme of one of the established races (Federation, Alliance, Empire, Rebels, Tribe, or Order.) when posting your ship please include battle damage and hulks if possible. Please note that thing without one or both of these things will likely be worked on last, as I have no image editing software that can deal with the requirements of the game. thank you.[/size]
If you have weapons: feel free to post any weapons of your own design, (you will be credited as the creator) just include any custom texture or turret files in your post. note that some weapons may be re-named, for example if I get 15 ‘Flak cannon’ there will probably be renaming there.
I will try to get all of the ship hulls given to me in the mod, I cannot make absolute guarantees though. as for weapons, I don’t know how many we’ll get, so I’ll basically be putting in ones that ether fill a defensive hole (such as flack cannon), Are just wicked awesome, or are asked for by a lot of people (I.E. more than 3.)
==============================credits for modules==========================================
==============================credits for ships==========================================
Eich…Several ship models, currently unfinished.
==============================credits for guns==========================================
Collimatrix…fighter gatling
==============================General credits==========================================
Cliffski (Aka Cliff) for making the game and not using random-@$$ alphanumarics for values (unlike some other games I could name…[Curse you EA! Curse you and your gorram .dats in .cats in .bigs! Curse yooooooooooou!] and for not treating modders as intruders on you sacred ground. Thank you.

[size=150]ALPHA RELEASE[/size]
Just some of what I’ve done thus far, kinda a ‘play with some of the new toys’ kinda thing.

Meidafire DL, v0.0.3

For what its worth, I found shrinking the ships by 50% is a good size to work with.
It also empties the upper ranges of ship sizes (125-250) for any big bad ships of DOOM

Update I have also made a “frigate squadron” version as well . .

I will re-direct you to my own mod project that I may include in your package.


It is still a work-in-progress, but I will post it when I am done!

Whoo! found a way to get my own hulls ingame… just some hack-job stuff, but I’m working on a Order cruiser…

And I’ve hit a bit of a snag.
1 = 305,155,385,155,58,0
Can someone tell me what these values control? I’ve been playing withe 'em for near an hour and still have no clue.

hokay, here’s a .Zip with my one order cruisers and a couple of weapons. If someone who is better than me at this would fix up the glowys/tractorbeams/targatelocals/engineglows, I’d be extreeeeeeeeeemly thankful. if nothing else, I’d like to see what’s different. feel free to make any balance recommendations on the Rad beams, cost of ships, ETC.
Agulus.zip (208 KB)
Order_Ships.zip (109 KB)

Here’s my fighter gatling:


It sits between the rocket and the laser in terms of performance and allows factions with rather plain jane fighter chassis, like the Empire, to field better interceptors. It’s particularly good against cruisers and particularly weaksauce against frigates.

so… is anyone still working on this mod? I’d love to have more than a Super Empire race and a Super Rebel race.

Still fine- tuning, I expect I’ll have the order and current weapons ready to go in about three weeks, Finals permitting. (Those of you with Swarm-these’ll take a bit linger, still need to buy that ^^ )

ok, just wondering. good to know it’s not dead ^^

You can try out the Angulus now, but I have made some changes since I posted that. otherwise, I think I can bang out the order stuff in, say, a week at most. then I need to find a nice, free file-host to put the .zip in… which reminds me; anyone who installs this mod will need to do a bit of file replacement in the ‘vanilla’ directories, as it incorporates MiniGSB to allow for dreadnoughts (Super cruisers) so I recommend when I get to the point of releasing this, that if you’re gonna get it, make backup copys of your vanilla game files somewhere if you haven’t already. also, the alliance, in particular, has a duplicate of every turreted weapon made just for them, as the way I’m setting the hardpoints on their ships looks alot cooler without the turrets everywhere. you will need Tribe and Order to play current version, Swarm version coming as soon as I can finish up everything ‘on the plate,’ so to speak. For those of you who’ve been waiting since this was the Super GSB mod, I thank you for your patience, I’m working as my Finals permit (Only 12 more days! I can make it! Arrrgh!) so I’m anticipating a leap in progress in a couple of weeks or so. (No school [or finals] means hours of free time…)

If you are using miniGSB, grab the latest version as i have made some improvements, added the swarm and incorporated the latest patch v1.38 . .

oh, and that reminds me;

once I release this, anyone who wants to fix the hack-job, no-idea-what-I’m-doing engineglows, tractorbeams or targets, if you can do a better job than me, go ahead! also, those that can do runninglights (Hey Cliff? can you tell us poor n00bs how to do these? I’ve tried and it looks horrible.) feel free to add 'em, just pritty please post the text so’s I can put it into the full mod…

credit, as always, will be listed in the designated spots at the top of the thread.

I only know how to do engineglows. I’ve never tried tractorbeams or runninglights, but I know the targets are WAAAY too complex for me.

I’ll try to work on this, but my computer died on me recently, and until I fix it work’s gonna be slow, at best. once I get my stuff off my current hard-drive, I’ll cobble together an alpha for you guys.

hey mech, and everyone who downloaded his super empire and super rebel race, I’ve taken the liberty of fixing their engineglows (they were still using the old system):


here is my phasor beam. i am a newbie at texture modding. dark star can you help me
Phasor laser.rar (18.3 KB)

I’m going to rework my Super-cruisers, Destroyers and Corvetts to fit in with your mode. Basicly super-cruisers are cruiser class, a destroyer is a bigger, badder frigate, and a corvette is a fighter sized frigate. I have a TON of ballancing to do on it and I think i have it now. My work in the eve-online mod has helped me in ballancing and i will reballance them out and rerealse them as with send you a link to them to add. It includes a ship for each race, and new modules for each class, and may include scernaors that include the new ships within them including a surval mode one.

Lone Starr

[after attempting to get out of a chair with his seatbelt on]
Barf: Oh! That’s gonna leave a mark.

sorry for the turret i dont know how to aplly the turret in the game

I am here to help . . what can i do for you ?

If you are looking to create a beam effect, here is a quick guide on how the graphics file works

  1. The blast effect is placed at the start of the turret
  2. The main beam effect is stretched from the turret to the target
  3. The grain section is repeatedly placed along the effects (without stretching) back to back

This thread is a good starting point with more information