Elite Challenges Thread

Who knows… thc, follick, and ZGeneral kinna just disappeared. If they were playing the campaign I would think they have beaten it by now. Maybe they just lost interest.

I’ve been playing Campaign, although now that i have two GSB capible laptop’s i’ll be capible of playing Campaign, Veil AND a challenge, all at once! (Yes, i have no life :D)

I’m looking for a really good missile cruiser fleet to fight (ie, no FT or FR, just CR v CR, missiles.)

Real life has intervened and I don’t have much time these days for play. I expect I will come back to it sooner or later. The SAC/NEC group has always been small and it is difficult to sustain such a challenge series without at least 3-5 top players.

It has been a typical pattern for a player to get into it for a while and then lose interest and leave. dogthinker, for example, was very active early in the game but I haven’t heard from him in a long time.
If you look at the players in the early SAC’s most of them are gone now. If you look at the other people posting in this thread, 123stw is the oldest oldtimer and he joined the forum less than 6 months ago.

Yeah, it does seem like a few veterans have hung up their admiral hats for the time being. There are still a ton of challenges going up though - I wonder if half the people posting them ever read the forums though.

Hi guys

I was away for a while playing other games but I would love to come back to this one and have some SAC/NEC fun.
Do we have enough ppl for it? u can count me in :wink:

[I hope I did not lose my good skills!]

I for one would love to see some discussion of a new map and rule set for a new set of NEC/SAC type challenge sets. I didn’t know about them when they started, and by the time i was good enough to have done one from the start, they were 50+ in. It’d be a lot of fun, so count me in!

SAC you don’t have to beat 50, you only has to beat the latest 3.

No NEC so far went beyond 20 yet.

I succesful obliterated that fleet with undreds of rocket fighters, 2 dreadnoughts and some corbettes from experimental mod :wink: