Elixir and Republic

What ever did happen to that company and that game?

I always did want to see the concepts behind Republic the revolution expanded on as there was so much more that could have been done with it, shame it didn’t take off.

I guess the market for games really in to strategy games where you have to think and plan about what you’re doing. Apart from the obvious like Civilization or the Sims but they have explosions and things.

So this is the way games are going amazing graphics, shoot first as questions later, no brain work required type things?

they reckon that republic wouldnt have got made unless it had a megabucks graphics engine. The problem is, it cost too much and took too long to make.
I guess some part of Democracy was frustration at seeing republic not live up to its potential ;(


Well i suppose i could see the logic in that:

“Who would want to play a poltical game with out wars”

“I know lets give it really good graphics then i will appeal to a larger audience”

I suppose it isn’t the game makers fault I mean games these days generally have to have the latest graphics and appeal to the largest demographic possible

I have Republic, bought it off a flea market for a fiver.

Sadly it never held my interest for longer than a day, was fooled by the sneaky “implied” 200 odd “actions” you could perform (they “forgot” to mention 195 of said actions are “sub-actions” -.-;:wink:

But anyway, Republic did have promise but as this production list shows, they didn’t hit the ground running:

Developed and Published Games
2004 Evil Genius PC
2003 Republic: The Revolution PC
Canceled Republic Dawn: The Chronicles of the Seven PC

It may be of interest that Chronicles of the Seven was going to be a MMOG (Massive-Multiplayer-Online-Game, for those not with the lingo) but with the company now, effectively out of business (they started closing down their studios sometime in April last year) apparently they didn’t feel there was any space in games development for small independent companies…

Anyway just google: “Elixir Studios” and you should find the aforementioned articles of it in the archives of many games websites. As of date however, Elixir Studios (NOT the former GAME company) is now just a domain seller.

Sadly along with Elixir going bust nearly every single decent fansite of Republic also vanished, was discontinued or just left to rot with out-of-date information giving me the impression that when the game was released it disappointed enough people to warrent them not bothering putting the effort into sustaining the game (Most sites I can find have pre-release information rather than post-release.)

Anyway hope that answers some of your questions >_>