Elusive Trophies

How do you get Popular Leader and Perfect Society? I’ve tried everything I can think of, including cheating like crazy, but still can’t get them. Getting 100% of the vote in several consecutive elections and all the seats in the US Congress isn’t enough. Please, give me some hints here.

Yes how do you get those?

I would think if you managed to get all of the trophies for one country, then you would probably get Perfect Society, but that’s just speculation. And anyway, how do you get those?

perfect society:
gdp > 0.95 unemployment < 0.05 equality > 0.95 povertyrate < 0.05
carusage < 0.05 airquality > 0.9 internetaccess > 0.95 literacy > 0.95
crimerate < 0.05 vioentcrime < 0.05

(pretty hard!)

popular leader:

more than 70% popularity with every group.

there are some bugs, noticeably it doesn’t matter if a groups size is zero, it still counts.

hope this helps anyway.

But… but… how do you get 0.05 car usage?


Wow, those are hard…Thanks for telling us though. :slight_smile:

you people want a challenge though right? :smiley:

Yeah, I can’t see how to do that without pissing the motorists off. Maximizing all the Transport policies and raising Petrol and Car taxes will do the trick, but the motorists will hate you for it.

Edit: I can’t seem to get the Middle Income or Everyone to 0.7
Edit: Not without cheating a lot, anyway.

With the middle income, it’s easy. Just decrease income tax lots and lots.

But there are no policies that affect the ‘everyone’ voter group.

By maxing out Defence, Intelligence Services, and Health Care, you get the Terrorist Captured and Miracle Operation events, which helps. I got the trophy yesterday, btw.

Ah. Thank you. I forgot about those things…

Are there any political dilemmas that affect the ‘everyone’ voter group?
And if so, which ones are they? I don’t like poking around in those things because it all looks like a block of text. Not neat like excel at all…

No, there isn’t.

How much is 70%? Is it just when the bar turns green? Or is it a little beyond that?