Emergency Powers

This is a new feature coming in #Democracy4. In certain critical situations, your government now has ‘emergency powers’ that grant you more political capital each turn to get things done in a crisis. It also turns the political capital icon red :smiley: #crisis

This is a great addition. I was wondering if it would be possible to add scenarios or events which may last multiple turns and require multiple decisions. I guess being British the best example is Brexit. The current pandemic might also be another. War could be another. It’s just a thought. :slight_smile: love the look of the new game though.

Hmmm. I think this probably is already possible, as stuff can run scripts which then triggers other stuff. SO example, we could have a dilemma (brexit is a good example), where the choices trigger hidden variables which cause other dilemmas, or situations/events to be triggered soon afterwards (or the next turn). We haven’t done that yet, but I can imagine it being both fun and easy to do, for us and for modders.

How are emergency powers activated?
Can you have them permanently with low democracy index?
Also there should be way to cheat elections just like Putin :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently there are a bunch of situations that trigger emergency powers after they become active, stuff like General Strike etc. This is easily moddable, so players who create their own policies and situations etc, can have them trigger these powers too.
The code from Democracy 3 africa is not yet in the game, but when it is, there will be a whole bunch of real dodgy cheating stuff added :smiley: