Does this game not register increased numbers of people in the country? Because I had sky high immigration, but there was no indication that this was increasing the population. Indeed, clicking on a group that had about 100% support indicated that I had the same amount of population that I started with. Does the game just not track increased population or is there an unmarked emigration counter somewhere that I don’t know about?

Hello slytherin,

at the moment the population value at the start of a game is a fixed value or string, which can not be changed with policies.

But in case of a possible simulation component of the population number and some influences on special population groups, like children, adults and retireds, I did create a mod to simulate all these population groups.

You can find the modication here.

Name: [Mod] Demography Simulation 1.0 Beta
Link: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=9646

Steam-Workshop: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f … earchtext=

If you have some suggestions for my mod to optimize it, feel free to contact me. :wink:

I hope, I could help you.

I was pretty confused about this. I had sky high immigration and about 96% of the population was an ethnic minority, which made no sense. Apparently literally everyone who was living there moved out because we had the exact same population as before.