EMP Cannons

Sorry if this has been asked before, but why are cruiser EMP cannons allowed to fit into standard slots? As far as I understand, hardpoints are outside, standard slots inside the hull. I can’t imagine EMP cannons installed inside. (Maybe a lack of imagination on my side.)

It’s because EMP cannons operate using mesons, which are invisible to normal matter and can thus travel through the hull.
Also tactically I thought it might be quite interesting to have at least one offensive weapon that was nto tied to a need for a hardpoint.

agreed. plus, i would hardly use an EMP if it cost me an entire hardpoint, when it hardly works for me now. but i use it anyway 'cause it looks cool. :smiley:

I find they are very helpful, as my ships take less damage while the opposition are “stunned”, and it is handy having them not use hard points.

I’ve found that rigging out specific tackler frigates armed with a mixture of EMP II missiles and disruptor bombs work really nicely myself for stun locking and shield popping enemy frigates and cruisers =]

One of the “problems” with cruisers is that there are just too many toys to choose from, so there is a danger of becoming a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none.