Empty button for machines

Unless I am being blind (very possible) there is no easy way to empty a machine of its contents, which if moving machines to different production lines can be a little irksome.

Yeah the only way to empty it is to delete it/make a belt coming off of it.

Wait… last time I checked machines automatically emptied when you move them.

I just double-click on them and put them right back where they came from (double-click -> small delay -> click)

The issue I think is what’s on the belts as well. Even if you change production the contents of the belts stays the same unless you delete the belt and replace it, which costs $50. I’d like to be able to remove the content on the belt without having to remove the belt itself. It’s not that big a deal of course, I can leave with it as it is, but it would be one of those nice to have features.

You could replace the machines with an analyzer instead of deleting the belts. That’d only cost $8 at most per ingredient rather than $50.