Enable machine butting for v043 (ugly hack)

To enable machine butting, change value with hex-editor at 6278Dh from 18h to 19h in Big Pharma_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll
Warning: Use at your own risk (your computer may explode) and make backup copy. For version 0.43.00 only.

Works for version 0.43.01 too.
If people are interested in this and don’t know about hex-editor or don’t want to use it, I can make exe file that modifies the game.

2 devs
What’s your view on this? Is this kind of “modding” allowed here?

There is actually only one dev. Tim (TwiceCircled) is the dev, Cliff (cliffski) is the publisher (the man who runs Positech Games). So Cliff runs the forum and publishes the game, but Tim actually develops it.