Encounter at Andromeda


Good morning folks.

The last couple of days I have been trying to score high in EaA and it seems impossible. Looking at the scoreboard, its easy too feel very noob (even though I am).

Are the scoreboards a true representation or are people playing (hacking) them?




I’m not sure about EaA, but I can say with 100% confidence that the scores on Veil aren’t hacked/got using modded content. I think that would take the fun out of it. Sure, i COULD make a missile that fires as fast as a cruiser laser, with a speed of 10, tracking speed of 7.5, and does 2500 damage per shot and drops 6 submunissions. But that wouldn’t be FUN!


Yeah I have been enjoying you guys banter about Veil. Very impressive scores.

Being on the scoreboard fair and square is great! Gives me hope!