Encoutered errors with (modded) GSB

Some errors i’ve encounterd!

C:\Users\Verheyen\Downloads\BigGunz.zip: CRC failed in BigGunz\data\bitmaps\turrets\turrets_tribe.dds. The file is corrupt

Turret mapping not found [turret_las_v1x] ==>[federation:…\src\SIM_Race.cpp222
and one with [Plasma_turret]

also without the shadow mod GSB doesn’t works :s

Mods installed - Scavanger (with HOTFIX)
- BigGunz
- Shadow mod

I use a generic mod enabler

Darkstar already helped me with a previous error
( Biggunz mod now works btw thanks Dark!)

So if any one has a solution
feel free to tell me ^^