End of turn dilemmas - should some be one off?

I’m playing in the UK on version 1.101, and the military keeps having it’s first openly transgender soldier. If it’s been banned, or allowed, should the government really have to reaffirm it’s decision every few years?

Perhaps the message could be slightly different when it reappears as a dilemma e.g.
“Soldiers are starting to openly come out as transgender despite the ban, bringing the question of transgender bans in the military back into the public conversation - should we reverse the ban or keep it in place?”
And something similar if the first decision was to allow them to openly serve.

Maybe the dilemma should only reappear if there is a significant shift in public opinion on other LGBT issues. e.g. the public becomes more accepting or gender transition, gay marriage, or perhaps society is less religious.

Also, there appears to be a minor graphical problem for the achievement “Secret State”; an apostrophe is rendered as a question mark in a white diamond.


Did this issue get solved, or should Cliff still address it?