End of year GSB2 Update thread...

Hi all…first, sorry to say GSB2 is not about to suddenly hit my deadline and get released (even into beta) this year. The game has proven to be a huge undertaking and taken longer (much longer) than expected to make…
It is on the final stretch though, there are even three lucky forum members testing it for me as we speak, so it can’t be in a totally unplayable state :smiley:
Here is my plan in terms of what (roughly) I’ll be working on between now and release. All plans are subject to change (what a surprise!)

29th December. (today!) Fix bug with delete undo crashing in ship editor
30th December. Get challenges downloaded from the server to launch and play-through ok
31st December. Challenge ranking system re-implemented.
31st December. Final Ship and component hulk grpahics go in.
2nd Jan. Challenge deletions and Challenge retaliations should work again.
3rd-6th Jan. Tutorial
7th-10th Jan. Optimization for lower-spec PCs.
8th Jan. Start work on German Translation.
9th Jan. New website implemented.
10th Jan. tutorial voiceover implemented.
11th-18th Jan. Bug fixes.
11th-16th Jan. New sound effects.
15th Jan. Final Module artwork should be in.
16th-22nd Jan. Release Trailer Production.
19th-21st Jan. Enemy AI ship designs and Deployments.
22-28th Jan. Mod Support
29th Jan. Resetting of new database with new GSB2 serial codes.
30th Jan Last-panic testing
31st Jan. Open up pre-orders with beta access.
31st Jan onwards… Linux & Mac Ports.
1st-18th Feb. Bug fixing and tweaks based on beta feedback.
19th Feb. Full release on steam et al…

Thankfully not ALL of this is being done by me :smiley: so there is some possibility of it all being done on time :smiley: It will be worth the wait! (I hope :D)

i want to guess who the luck for members are, but something tells me even if i get it right i won’t get to know that i got it right

All hail the Game Developer :slight_smile:
Thanks CliffHarries for update video for us :slight_smile: