End of year reports wrong, I believe

Or I could be wrong. I spent the past year making sure I went out more with friends, which I did. Yet it still said I spent most of the year alone and my the activity I did the most was jogging, which I’m sure I did less of.

Not an accurate bug report 'cause I might of made a mistake somewhere.

hmmm. you may be right, i must investigate this, I havent had anyone else report this, but in one of my playthroughs I wasn’t convinced it was right either.

I have this too.

I had a lawyer - type, with no friends, working out all the time and reading
he got “accomplished and matrialistic lawyer”

And spent his (my) time alone at the EOY report.

Then I was playing a chef, partying all the time, friends standing in que … and he got the same??

“accomplished and matrialistic chef”

And spent most of his time alone in the EOY report.

Hmmm I shall investigate. I think the descriptions are right, but possibly the most popular activity gets confused.

may be…

btw, I’ve never gotten anything else but “[color=red]your living a lonly life” in the EOY -report…

And well, I’m not sure, but I hired the “cleaning service” some time ago,
So I’m positive that I didn’t spend most of my time “[color=red]cleaning my home !!”…


(‘maybe I had to help them out or something …hmm …
then again… wounder why I did hire them in the first place…’)
sarcasm, sarcasm

:mrgreen: :open_mouth:

The problem might be that the early years are being counted for more than the later ones?
My current dude hasn’t jogged in five years since he got his burglar alarm and fitness machine, but it’s stilll listed as the top activity.
He also never spends time alone anymore because he has money coming out of his ears and instead spends almost every night at school. He doesn’t even take time out of his busy schedule to have a bath. Hasn’t in a couple of years at least.
Despite this, he’s still been rated at around 25% socialising (about right), 55% soloing (nope. Not even close. Maybe a couple of days a YEAR on the fitness machine, but that’s all), and 20% learning (nearly all time is spent on this in the late stages of this game. Probably 70%. Like I said, I can’t get rid of the money as fast as it’s coming in anymore. My leech girlfriend never pays her own way anymore :smiley: ).
And his favourite activity is jogging. Which it was in about year two or so and allegedly has been ever since, but he hasn’t been jogging for ages.

I’ve been looking at the code for the favorite activity, and I think it works, but its working from the start of the game, not just the last year, so I’m resetting the counts each year in the next patch.