Endless Install Loop

After seeing your response about the issues of piracy, and the decision to remove DRM, I decided to buy a few games from you to return to one of my gaming loves, the PC, after spending most of my time with my PS3 these days. Kudos to you. (Pun intended, because I have a terrible sense of humor.)

Anyway, in the case of this game, I’m not sure if this has been brought up or not (I didn’t see anything about it), I encountered an endless install loop whereupon launching the game would start up the install process again. I don’t know how many people this applies to, but I’m the type of person who keeps the install file in the same folder as the game installation. It only took me a few moments to figure out that the setup file, Democracy2.exe had the same name as the launcher, Democracy2.exe thus preventing the launcher from being installed and that a simple move was all that was needed. But it seems like something that could trip up less computer savvy players or people that just don’t think of it. I think it would be a pretty quick fix (renaming the downloaded setup file to Democracy2setup.exe or something.) I hope this post helps and I’m not just an annoyance.

Ah crikey. This had never occurred to me. Thanks for the tip