Energy Consumption -> Oil; we need to control energy mix

(I played germany )
despite my best efforts (read: I did everything, even with mods) to reduce oil consumption, my energy consumption remains at maximum due to my highly developed economy, therefore my oil consumption is maxed out as well.
As energy can be provided by renewble sources, I wonder, why can I not change my national energy production to 100% renewable, thus reducing oil consumption by 90%?
Yes, I can invest in wind and solar, and reject nucler tech, but my national energy supply seems further depending on oil. Which I don’t like.

Multiple studies (for germany) proofed that such a complete change could be archived by 2020 or 2025, beginning in 2012 though. So about 8-13 years, 32-52 turns. It would create about 2-4 million new jobs (read: 10-20 times more than lost), boost the economy, cut CO2 and oil consumption by up to 90%, possibly democratize energy production (depending on how it is done) cut energy costs to minimal levels (~5cent / kw) and would amortize completely about 0-5 years later. The Energiewende of germany is based on such studies, however politics have taken a much slower approach, since they are obviously not competent enough

I think it would be most practical to display the energy mix of the country, and being able to influence it.

This is a subject close to my heart (I’m the developer). I have solar panels, and am a renewable energy fan, drive a hybrid car etc…
Anyway, you may want to simply look here:
I had considered modeling this kind of stuff in the base game, but decided not to in order to get the complexity of the game within acceptable boundaries, but it definitely needs modeling. The idea of reducing your countries oil dependence, and thus the impact of oil shocks is very appealing.

Energy should be thought of in the following ways:

Oil = transportation fuel, heating
Natgas = electricity generation, heating cooking
Coal = electricity generation, heating
Nuclear = electricity generation
Solar PV = Electricity
Solar hydronic/thermal = heating
geothermal = heating, electricity generation

To have a transportation system based on nat gas, it would take alot of $$$ and time to build out the necessary infrastructure.
In the USA, it has been estimated to take 80+ years & $13 Trillion to truly build out a natgas transportation system (ie convert existing auto/truck fleet to nat gas; convert existing 175,000 gas filling stations and related distribution infrastructure).

The problem with electric cars is a limitation of battery technology & the scalability due to restraints on rare earth elements which are required. Also, it is really unclear if electric cars truly reduce CO2, as you have to take into account the emissions involved with producing the auto components & generation of the electricity to charge the auto. One other thing. Here in the USA, the electrical grid and the average person’s house is really not capable of dealing with the charging requirements == a dedicated 40 Amp outlet. Most older homes have just a 100 Amp service. Neighborhood grids would have to be replaced. A typical city block may 20 to 25 houses. If every family had only one electric car, it would require another 8,000 to 10,000 amps for the block. Very expensive.

Silly socialists. I also believe in green energy. Just raise the price and let the market innovate green energy solutions to save money. Simple, elegant with no bureaucracy and the government gets the “increased” revenue. This is why petrol(gasoline) is so expensive in Europe and a very good idea!

The day the free market improves the environment is the day that the culture war brings America closer together.

In the vanilla game, there are simulations for Oil Supply and Oil Demand. But instead, you can have all other policies, simulations and events affecting Oil Price directly, with different delay, and you get 2 simulations less.