Energy mix

Energy is a crucial part of the world, always was, always will be.

There should be coal, oil, gas, biomass, nuclear, hydraulic, solar and wind energy usage. Would it clutter the game with its current design ? Yes, and that’s worrisome, but I think it’s worth it, simply because the existing energy policy does not make much sense otherwise. Some countries switch from coal to gas or nuclear, so why oh why the effect of banning coal is to increase oil consumption ? Germany is getting rid of nuclear in favour of a wind and coal mix.

Oh, and by the way, why is nuclear energy augmenting CO2 emissions ? Isn’t it one of the most carbon neutral energy we have, if the IAEA is to be believed ?

Anyway, the subject is close to the dev heart apparently, now would be the time to try !

I think you mean hydro electric? Not hydraulic?

Anyways, I would create that many simulations for it personally. I think an “energy composition” simulation would be good enough. With it slid one way everything is powered by burning fossil fuels, and the other way means no fossil fuel at all.

There are many pieces of this game which ought to have more complexity, yet if they all got it the screen would be unmanageable.

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Yes, my bad, hydro electric. I am not a native speaker and used an auto correct a bit too fast.

An CO2/greenhouse gas intensity of electric production, rather than a fossil against other, could be a good compromise I suppose, because all fossil fuels are not equal. As far as greenhouse gases are concerned, it is better to have a gas power plant rather than a coal one. It’s still not good, but coal, especially low quality coal, is just awful.

And you are right. A balance between detail and playability needs to be achieved.

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I think that there’s CO2 emissions involved in the construction of the plants. This should fall off over the years. What do you make of the changes that have been so far?