Engine Assembly

Hello all.

So ive played around with this game alot so far, its fun but its missing some parts.

A little about me, i am a “Launch Engineer” working for a teir 1 supplier linked to Volvo Cars.

The “fit valves” is really innoying and i doubt that any car company in the world would build the engine in the actual car, i know for an example that volvo builds there “subframe” as an seperate line and then merge chassie with the subframe to form a vehicle.

looking around in the diffrent files it does not seem to be able to with ease make the subassembly a seperate line so i started to try to make it as a “make” part.

“Make engine” would require the parts needed to build the engine today (Radiator, valves, starter and flywheel) this would be done on a stand alone station and then moved to assembly line as an “engine” but due to some of the needed text beeing used by the actual game i could not implement it (and the game just crash without any kind of info on why and what went wrong)

instead i changed this peice of code:
File= Fit_valves

and make
valve = 4

valve = 1

(Found here)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Production Line\data\simulation\tasks

ofcourse this will not help to sort out the initial issue but atleast it leaves less strain on supply chain.

Hi Viscos

Many thanks for this small mod
Very simple and saves some hair on the head
I set mine to 2



from the land down under