Engine/FTL Effects

Here, you discuss your new (you have to have made it yourself) engine effects you made for GSB. Here is mine (it’s also in the below-2 posts down): http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/4908/ftl.png
Careful, it’s huge (5mb-ish)…

oooh sounds interesting… is looking forward to this

by ‘created yourself’ do you mean ideas you came up with, or as in drawing a whole new graphic in photoshop or something? (or both?)

If just ideas, then the one slightly odd thing I did do was use a shield effect dds thingy for an engine pulse lol (^ ^; . Well, destiny’s rear/engine is curved so I needed something white, curved and glowing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to see what you’ve done! is getting twitchy in the chair C’moooon, poooost iiiiiit, c’moooon doooo it… :stuck_out_tongue:


Here it is:
It’s a ship made using GSB parts (that I made) with a FTL/Engine effect (that I made)- you can probably see that its inspired by Destiny: http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/4908/ftl.png
Careful, it’s huge (5mb-ish)…




That is freakin’ AWESOME. Ooh pretty pretty colours… ( * O *)/

I’m not too happy with those particle effects… I’ll try to fix them tomorrow- getting late now. Do you see how my ship is inspired by Destiny?

Btw, those beams of light that are areas where I inverted the colours are supposed to be antimatter beams used to contain the immense levels of radiation generated/leaked by the engines from the rest of the ship/crew. My explanation for those beams only being in that area is that whatever is generated to propel the ship is generated there then dispersed across the whole back end of the ship in safer levels, meaning that the containment beams are only needed there, where whatever it is, is being generated.

Those tractor beams (green things emanating from the center spine of the ship) are there to maintain the structural integrity of the ship while jumping into FTL- since the ship looks fairly flimsy. My explanation for that is that it is to maximize its surface area available to place weapons on.

That fluid-sh/flame-ish thing emanating at the front of the ship is to protect the ship from the impact of celestial bodies (there is also supposed to be an energy shielding system in place as a backup (for those areas of the ship protected by the fluid-ish thing) and to protect the nose and areas of the ship that are not protected by the fluid-ish thing) and to discharge the byproducts generated by the reactors and engines. My explanation for it being up front is that it looks cooler that way and it doubles as a shielding system- mentioned above (seven lines down/three lines up). The fluid-sh/flame-ish thing is kind of like my version on a navigational deflector (Star Trek).
Sorry for getting my fanboy on…

Yeah I see how you were inspired by destiny…

Any chance of getting a tutorial on how to make particle effects like that…? I’m running out of buckets to catch all the dribbling I’m doing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously tho, very cool… and I like the explanations too :smiley:

Ithink I’ll go delete my curved engine glow now… :wink:

I might, if I have any spare time (regarding the tutorial) but it takes like, 50-ish steps… I’ll try to simplify it. Has anyone else got anything they wanna show off?

yes, a tutorial for making awesome effects will come in handy when i reach the stage of actually getting stuff ingame for the USSN mod.

and if i fail at making the effects as orgasmic as i want them to be, ill turn my attention to you. my dear freelance friend :wink:

Freelance friend need more ego boost as payment… I’v found a way to animate my orgasmic FTL effect! I just map a modified version of those shine graphics onto a 3d cone-ish shape and rotate it. Position a bunch of them in the right places, super impose the ship and other parts in, warp some of the effects in a smooth pattern (to give the impression that it is moving) and DONE! a seemingly working ship in FTL made using only 2d graphics/textures. If only I could be bothered to do all that…

I didnt know its possible to literaly change the shape and size of the engines… O_o… so its possible to make basically any graphic to be an engine??? dude, thas awesome lol, new cool ideas are emerging in my mind!! i thought the engine graphics were limited by certain size and shape… btw, good job there Randy. But have u tested the ship in-game??? its not a comp resources eater?

Tested it, the lag generated was equivalent to that of my copy of gimp starting up (with all 300-ish brushes I customised, with all 120-ish scripts/plugins I have)… You can imagine how bad it was- I suspect that it was because of all the alpha in the sprite and how shit my computer is.

Hmm, i dont think your computer is not enough, its just the game built-in code cant handle those ammounth of alphas coming from different sprites… the same way for example the game cant handle sprites with the size of the screen…(or in this case is my comp that is not enough lol.)

Hi guys

Decided to have a go at an FTL effect for my ‘Vanguard’ cruiser… it’s not perfect but it does look pretty and is animated… what do you think? ( ^ ^)

I was planning to do the same thing -.-

It looks great, but until we see it in-action we cant be sure :wink:

There you go… not great quality vid but hope it’s ok…

Yup, it looks great ^^

Have u tried to cover the entire ship with the glow, not only the front rear??

Yeah I tried to get more of it to cover the ship but… it either ended up looking like a shield (which is not want I’m aiming for) or had a dodgy flat line at the back which looked awful
( T_T)

I was up pretty late last night trying various things and in the end I couldn’t improve much on the one I posted.

The way it is now, I’m gonna say that the front deflector effect is similar to the aurora borealis, so charged particles colliding with the magnetic field of the defector and bouncing off, streaming past the ship, emitting light until they lose energy and fade into nothingness behind it… so I’m happy with kind of a waterfall effect which fades away ( ^ ^)b

Here’s a video of the effect on Destiny. I think it looks nice ( * ^ ^)

No, u wrong, it looks AWESOME ^^. Maybe if u improve the effect with less balancing movement on the front of the ship will be even more good looking.

hehe, thanks :smiley: glad you like!

Umm…balancing movement…? blinks slowly

blinks again

sorry, gonna pop on my noob hat and say ‘huh…?’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you explain balancing movement please? ^^