Engine manufactory is confusing


So I have around a houndred hours in the game, but still sometimes I need to spend a few minutes looking at the engine manufactory part to understand the process before placing them.

Mostly the sub-categories are the confusing part, because your (or my) brain immediately assumes that if you research the sub part you assume that you will no longer need to place the main category item, because the sub one creates it.

Same goes for multi-level upgradable manufactories like the light making. Sometimes when a LED light get researched I click the upgrade all from reflex and the whole light-making process is screwed up. Also it is confusing to place for example: 1 normal light maker, 1 normal directional light maker, 1 xenon light maker, 1 xenon directional light maker, 1 led light maker, 1 directional led light maker. The same thing goes for powertrains.
IT would be much easier if after all upgrades you would be able to set the required outputs: like from that 12 stockpile, make 4 normal lights, 2 directional normal, 2 leds, 2 xenons, 1 directional leds, 1 directional xenons

It’s hard to explain, since I am having hunge language barriers :frowning: