Engineglow help

I need to know what happens when you change the numbers of an engine glow in the text file. like, the first number does that, the second does this, etc. help!

Basically it goes X,Y,W,L,R

X is the x position of where the glow will start (not the pointed end).
Y is the y position of where the glow will start (once again not the pointed end).
W is the width of the glow.
L is the length of the glow.
R I believe is the race type of glow. I’ve never actually messed with this one, so I’m not sure what the differences are.

Thank you Woden, that will help me and Hybrinoid when we are modding the hulls. Now the ships won’t have engine trails that start 50 feet behind the engines :smiley:

thanks, i only need to change the X and the Y but still, thanks for all your help :smiley: