Engines required on all ships

  1. All ships should have a base minimum speed which could then be modified by using bigger engines.
    > I was able to beat most missions with lots of extra honor by simply not using engines or slowing them down to snails
    > Same setup could easily beat easy, med, and hard levels with no changes
    > How are fleets suppose to get to the combat zone without engines to begin with? - Ha ha I’m just going to fly around that fleet.
    > Games was fun and challenging till I figured out that I didn’t need engines

i figured that out… i still put engines on the ships though. i didn’t want to make a fun game un-fun by actively un-funning it.

… there’re some challenges that mandate engines. you could always play those if you can’t field be-engined ships unless forced to?

This doesn’t mean as much as you might think. I have a tendency to build “balanced” fleets, and rarely do I have to change deployments between difficulty levels. Usually I run things with a good overall fleet to get some base honor off the scenario, then I only start changing the deployment to see if I can “do myself one better” as the phrase goes.

And some missions are such a godawful pain in the rear that I find one deployment that works, blow through the difficulty levels, and never look back.

The deployments are a bit too easy.

Some decent plasma teams would sort that engine-less problem right out.

ships that dont have engines could be like barges, but in space.
ships towed into position as defensive platforms.

Probably should require a weapon on all ships as well.

Aside from carriers, weaponless ships only have purpose to screw with the AI.

you could always refer to them as decoy ships, after all theres decoy rockets.