this is about the blog video 21.
It would be interesting to have very complicated engines, but keep in mind that diffrent types(like electrical) would cause a diffrent order of things to happen. You could not just make one slot “fit engine” where you select the type of engine you want and it is just put in.
As nice as it would be to have lots of diffrent engine optionsyou may have to let the idea go to prevent frustrating and over complicated layouts.


hey, I understand where you are coming from with this however fitting a car with an electric engine isn’t THAT much different to fitting a normal engine or in much of a different order either. it is still fitted before body work like the hood is put on. the only main difference would be that the electricals will cost a lot more in an electric car (for obvious reasons), it wont cost on things like exhausts and fuel tanks (for other obvious reasons) and the main drivetrain will differ. The rest is basically the same.

I recon adding electric engines and other types like Hydrofoil will add a little depth to the game, and I like that.

My own car is electric and my last was hybrid so I definitely want to include both engine types in there. I imagine it will be a bit of a code nightmare to ensure that radiators and fuel tanks are not fitted to cars with electric engines, and that batteries do get fitted to them, and hybrids make it even more complex, but it will be worth it :smiley:

Couldn’t that be done by giving each car that gets issued at the very beginning of the production line a list of components which need to be installed… and then eliminate/check that list one by one after each slot and look which component(s) is scheduled for the next slot in the line and look down the conveyor for a slot with the particular component(s)?

That means that if an electric car gets issued it will get an electric engine component and batteries in the list, but no radiators and fuel tanks.

Somewhen when there are multiple models anyways you will have to make a decision which model gets placed on a particular production line anyways… so the type of engine that gets installed could be a selection you have to make with the selection of the model.

How about making hybrid and electric cars a new car type? That way they could have their own separate line.

this isn’t a bad idea as they would most likely have their own line in actual factories as well. that way they wouldn’t have to re-program the robot arms to create different parts with each vehicle. for a game like this however it may add a little too much complexity for some players. I’m all for it though!!

It all depends on how car types are implemented, and I didn’t see much information on that so far. The biggest thing is how upgrades currently work. I don’t think upgrading a slot should mean all future cars will have that upgrade, it should just be made “available for fitting”. The current system won’t really work once new car types are introduced because it’s going to be very difficult to build multiple lines on the smaller maps.

we could always have bigger maps :smiley:

We already can ive been struggling with a save game “bug” on my 150x150 map. its an error in my coding that’s the problem but the point is its easily possible.