enhancing the 'Game Options' with messages


it would be great to get a game option for enabling/disabling some text messages.
While keeping an overview of the production line messages like ‘No Research!’ or ‘No Export Room’ make it harder in a late game. They are correct in any case but due to not matching timings of several station (and the well known situation of this) they don’t give any benefit.

So by default any kind of message should be enabled so the player can decide at a later time not to see them anymore.

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EDIT: This is maybe also relating to this ‘Smaller Displays’ thread: http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=17942

Found an old bug report related to this that was closed.
The mentioned problem was that the Research Office will show the ‘No Research!’ message even if no new research project is available. This still happens in 1.11. From the technical site this is correct but such message boxes makes it harder at some zoom level to place Conveyors or see if a connection/join is missing especially when building up a new line and most of the slot mention either ‘Insufficient Resources’ or ‘No Route to Stockpile’.

When I complete all research I just remove the research stations.
Getting me some money back + saves me expenses on researchers.