Enviromental related policies

I notice that hybrid car subsidy actually increases pollution slightly by increasing car usage and doing nothing to CO2 emissions and air quality. Seeing as the description of the policy says that hybrid car emit no CO2 emissions shouldn’t this policy decrease CO2 emissions and air quality, and because hybrids don’t pollute the increased car usage should be irrelevant.

Also shouldn’t CO2 emissions effect air quality somewhat. That way energy efficiently does more for the country apart from the small contributions to GDP.

Well hybrids are still cars, so would count towards situations like congestion, but I guess you are right that indirectly they will be causing those other effects, so possibly the beneficial effects of them need to be enlarged?
It could be argued that hybrid cars encourage people to drive who would otherwise drive less because of ‘carbon guilt’.

I have no objection with the increased car usage (although I’m not sure people simply buy hybrids out of guilt, so I’m not sure if they would drive less of a regular car out of guilt (oil price maybe)). But these hybrid cars would have less of an impact on air quality than regular cars (they decrease oil demand so that means they use less fuel, should lead you to conclude that these cars would emit less hence having less of a negative impact on air quality). Or maybe you could just make oil demand have an effect on air quality, because its not how far cars drive that effects pollution its how much fuel they use.

It’s an incentive to buy cars. You’re giving people a tax break if they buy a car, which means more cars will be bought, full stop. And if people buy cars, they’ll use cars.

However, given the low price of the hybrid cars initiative, the effects of the program generally may be exaggerated. The hybrid cars initiative costs between 2 and 80 million, which is a pretty trivial amount in the game compared to many things.

I do think that the hybrid cars initiative should reduce CO2 emissions slightly, but I’m not sure a general improvement to air quality is appropriate, since increased congestion from encouraging your citizens to buy and use cars more is going to create more noise pollution, greater local climate problems (like the urban heat island effect), and at least slightly more general emissions even if the cars are all hybrids. If nothing else, the electricity for the low speed travel-through-gridlock still needs to be generated somewhere, and there’s no such thing as a power plant with no environmental downsides at all.

you make some pretty good points there. Ideally the game should model the power production and import /export so you can make clearer decisions on such things. If all your power is geo-thermal, who cares if a booming economy needs more power?

Careful, you’ll get people trying to run technocracies by glutting their economy with energy and encouraging industry to use it madly. :laughing: